Toast With Hummus And Asparagus

Toast With Hummus And Asparagus

Made with hummus and fresh asparagus this delicious toast can be a great snack during the day! It can also become your favourite healthy breakfast ...
Tofu Scramble With Black Salt

Tofu Scramble With Black Salt

Delicious super eggy tofu scramble! High in protein healthy breakfast recipe. Black salt makes it taste exactly like scrambled eggs. Perfect for th...
Lush Blueberry Chia Jam | Wholefood Earth®

Lush Blueberry Chia Jam

chia seeds
Easy to prepare, tastier than any store bought jam, filled with healthy chia seeds and blueberries. Yum yum in the tum.
Pick of the Patch Pumpkin Bread | Wholefood Earth®

Pick of the Patch Pumpkin Bread

cooking & baking
This bread is Spooktacular! The combination of pure pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin seeds add to its moist texture, making it a flavourfu...
Gourd-geous Butternut Soup | Wholefood Earth®

Gourd-geous Butternut Soup

cooking & baking
Flavourful and super easy to make. Just roasting the butternut squash and onion and toss it in a blender and BOO- yah!
Spice and Everything Nice Pumpkin Seeds | Wholefood Earth®

Spice and Everything Nice Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds
Forget not, waste not… turn leftover pumpkin seeds into a delicious treat! Lets give 'em pumpkin to talk about.
Roasted Pumpkin Guts (Seeds) | Wholefood Earth®

Roasted Pumpkin Guts (Seeds)

cooking & baking
Looking for the best Pumpkin Seed recipe ever? Look no further! Seriously this Roasted Pumpkin Seed recipe can’t get any tastier! Every time you ge...
Golden Oldie Popcorn | Wholefood Earth®

Golden Oldie Popcorn

cooking & baking
A timeless classic, freshly popped, pipping hot, slightly salty and delicious.
Sriracha 'Butter' Popcorn | Wholefood Earth®

Sriracha 'Butter' Popcorn

cooking & baking
Flavourlessness was never an option a quick and easy snack that you can whip up in no time using just 3 basic ingredients.
Nooch Popcorn | Wholefood Earth®

Nooch Popcorn

cooking & baking
If you haven’t tried nooch popcorn yet…it is high time you should. Popcorn is such an easy stovetop recipe to make.
Linseed Twisty Sticks | Wholefood Earth®

Linseed Twisty Sticks

cooking & baking
Linseed Twisty Sticks an easy-to-make, delicious and savoury snack. 
Chocolate Linseed Porridge | Wholefood Earth®

Chocolate Linseed Porridge

A healthy, quick to cook, chock full of fiber breakfast