Holding Ourselves Accountable


We believe that trust and
accountability go hand in hand. And when it comes to the food we eat, trust is
important. This is why we provide give you everything you need to verify the
origin, organic status, and contents of our product right there on the product
page of our website.

On-Page Traceability

Accessing MSDS Sheet (Material
Safety Data Sheets) to check the standard of the food you are consuming has
never been more simple. We want to empower you to trace your food from your
plate to the source. That’s why all of our MSDS documents are reality available
on each of our products pages. Traceability is just one click away.

On-Page Certification


Organic certification is verified
by third parties and shared directly with you on all organic product pages.


Contained within the product specification sheets (MSDS) found on each product page is certification of the GMO status of the product.

Being Sustainable


We believe that good food
shouldn’t cost the earth, as such, sustainability matters to us dearly. That’s
why we work tirelessly to find sustainable solutions throughout our business,
from the shipping methods we use, right down to the payment gateway on our
online store.

The Source

We actively seek sustainable sources for our goods, asking our suppliers
the tough questions that we know matter to our customers. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In 2021, we rolled out all-new
packaging on Wholefood Earth products. The new packaging is apt for kerbside
recycling. As opposed to industrially compostable materials, kerbside
recyclable materials empower our UK customers to participate in recycling (as
industrial composting is not supported by many local authorities).

Sustainable Shipping

Our primary courier, DPD, participates in
The UN Global Compact for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
. We
regularly review our choice of corries for best service and sustainability, so
that you know your order doesn’t come with an extra cost to the planet.

Wholesome Warehouse

Our UK-based warehousing
facilities form a critical role in our business operations and as such are
foremost in our sustainability considerations. All packaging into our warehouse
leaves via the recycling or is repurposed in the packing sent to customers.

Online Payment Handling

Our primary payment portal, Shop
Pay, holds a carbon offset initiative to remove enough CO₂ to
offset Shop Pay deliveries. We regularly review our choice of payment gateway
for best service and sustainability.

Our Customer Commitment

Our Commitment

We believe that clear and prompt
communication is key to any relationship. That’s why we’re committed to providing
outstanding customer services in the form of direct support (via phone or
email), a no-quibble refund policy and swift delivery.

Prompt Delivery
Refunds & Returns
Outstanding Customer Service

Wholesome Food, Wholesome Taste

Taste is what matters, it isn’t
subjective. All of our products have been taste tested.