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 Countdown to Christmas in a more floral and flavourful way with a fun twist on the traditional advent calendar with English Tea Shop's festive varietea! With 15 different teas, you will have plenty of different aromas and tastes to keep your taste buds occupied as you enjoy this fun calendars book format with its Christmas illustrations. 
If you want to be a real Scrooge and sneak a peak at what you can look forward to with this delightful calendar then check out the ingredients list.
  Gingerbread Treat Organic black tea*(53%), organic cinnamon pieces*(16%), organic ginger pieces*(15%), organic apple pieces*(6%), organic cardamom pieces*(5%), natural flavour (5%)
Ghostly Green Organic green tea (73%), organic cinnamon pieces (12%), organic ginger pieces (5%), natural flavouring (5%), organic peppermint leaves (4%), organic rose petals (1%)
White Wonderland Organic white tea*(75%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4%), organic cocoa*(4%), organic peppermint leaves*(4%), organic licorice*(4%), organic chamomile*(4%), natural flavour (5%)
Festive Spice Organic black tea*(74%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4.5%), organic ginger pieces*(2.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(2.5%), organic cloves*(2.5%), organic nutmeg*(2.5%), organic pepper*(2.5%), organic orange peel* (4%), natural flavour (5%)
Winter Warmer Organic rooibos*(60.5%), organic ginger pieces*(15%), organic cocoa*(10.5%) , organic star anise*(5%), organic mace*(4%), natural flavour (5%)
Super Star Anise Organic black tea*(83%), organic ginger pieces*(6%), organic cloves*(4%), organic star anise* (2%), natural flavour (5%)
Tropical Lemongrass Organic lemongrass *(24%), organic pepper-mint leaves*(20%), organic hibiscus*(20%), organic rosehips*(11%), organic chamomile *(10%), organic apple *(10%), natural flavour (5%)
Happy Holiday Organic green tea*(83%), organic cinnamon pieces*(2.5%), organic pomegranate pieces*(2%), organic ginger pieces*(1.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(1.5%), organic cloves*(1.5%), organic nutmeg*(1.5%), organic pepper*(1.5%), natural flavour (5%)
Post-Party Refresh Organic green tea*(64%), organic garcinia leaves*(12%), organic cinnamon pieces*(8%), organic garcinia fruit*(5%), organic ginseng*(5%), organic acai berry*(1%), natural flavour (5%) 
Berry Rooibos Organic rooibos*(73%), organic apple pieces*(10%), organic raspberry*(3%), organic blueberry*(3%), organic cranberry* (3%) organic cinnamon pieces*(3%), natural caramel (2.5%), natural flavour (2.5%)
Spicy Pumpkin Organic green tea*(83%), organic cinnamon pieces*(2.5%),organic star anise*(2%), organic ginger pieces*(1.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(1.5%), organic cloves*(1.5%), organic nutmeg pieces*(1.5%) organic black pepper* (1.5%), natural flavour (5%)
Seasonal Siesta Organic lemongrass*(36%), organic cinnamon pieces*(20%), organic ginger pieces*(19%), organic garcinia leaves*(10%), organic hibiscus*(7%), organic lemon peels*(3%), natural flavour (5%)
Ginger Cranberry Organic black tea*(69%), organic cinnamon pieces*(12%), organic ginger pieces*(6%), organic cloves*(3%), organic ginseng*(3%), organic cranberry* (2%), natural flavour (5%)
Chai Charge Organic rooibos (56%), organic cinnamon (15%), organic cloves (12%), organic turmeric (6%), organic cardamom (4%), natural flavourings (5%), organic garlic (1%), organic blue corn flowers (1%)
Peachy Keen Organic hibiscus (55%), organic roseship (20%), organic lemon peels (5%), organic lemongrass (5%), organic cinnamon (5%), organic apple (5%), natural flavourings (5%)
Winter Balance Organic peppermint leaves (30.5%), organic spearmint (18%), organic fenugreek (12%), organic elderflowers (9%), organic turmeric (9%), organic lemon peels (7%), organic fennel (7%), natural flavourings (4.5%), organic rosemary (3%).
Peppermint Candy Organic peppermint leaves* (32%), organic green tea*(32.5%), organic orange peels*(11%), organic cinnamon pieces*(14%), organic roasted Chicory *(5%) ,organic vanilla pods* (0.5%), Natural flavour (5%)
Red Cherry Chai Organic lapsang souchong black tea (45%), organic cinnamon (16%), organic ginger (10%), organic cardamom (6%), organic cloves (6%), organic star anise (6%), organic chicory (6%), natural flavourings (5%)
Christmas Night Organic black tea (62%), organic cocoa (14%), organic cinnamon (12%), organic cloves (4%), organic licorice (4%) natural flavourings (4%).
Irish Holiday Organic black tea (82%), organic rooibos (5%), organic ginger (4%), natual flavourings (5%)
Punchy Peppermint Organic green tea*(73.5%), organic cinnamon pieces*(10%), organic peppermint leaves*(8%) organic licorice*(4%), Natural flavour(4.5%)
Spooky Spice Organic green tea*(78%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4.5%), organic ginger pieces*(2.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(2.5%), organic cloves*(2.5%), organic nutmeg*(2.5%), organic pepper* (2.5%), Natural flavour (5%)
Holiday Boost Organic rosheship (38%), organic hibiscus (18%), organic peppermint leaves (12%), organic apple (12%), organic licorice* (8%), organic cinnamon (7%), natural flavourings (4%), organic rose petals(1%)
Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla Organic rooibos (88.5%), organic cocoa nibs (6%), natural flavourings (5%), organic vanilla pods (0.5%)
Apple, Rosehip & Cinnamon Organic hibiscus (4%), organic rosehip (36%), organic apple (5%), organic cinnamon (5%), natural flavouring (5%), organic peppermint (2%)
White Tea Coconut & Passion Fruit Organic white tea (63.5%), organic lemongrass (14%), organic cocoa (8%), organic ginger (6%), natural flavourings (5%), organic passion fruit flower (3%), organic coconut (0.5%)
White Tea Tropical Fruits Organic white tea (59%), organic lemongrass (21%), organic peppermint (7%), organic hibiscus (7%), natural mango flavour (1.5%), natural passion fruit flavour (1.5%), natural pineapple flavour (1.5%), natural soursop flavour (1%), organic mango pieces (0.5%), organic soursop pieces (0.5%)
Sleepy Me Organic chamomile (62%), organic lavender buds (12%), organic hop leaves (11%), organic valerian roots (11%), organic lemon balm (4%)
English Breakfast Organic black tea* (100%)
Earl Grey Organic Ceylon black tea* (95%), bergamot flavour (5%)
Although we make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate, we cannot be held liable in instances where it is incorrect.
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