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This coffee is mighty - not the biggest or the strongest but a truly, canvas-shuddering knockout.
The red bourbon Arabica beans of the Rushashi district have the benefit of a unique climate and altitude, creating an amazing clarity and vivid flavour. It's lemony but creamy, sweet yet savoury. Put it this way: it's a surly mule's total bliss!
Strength - It will kick you this hard - 3
Great taste 2015, Rwanda ground vibrant
With taste of molasses, red berries, citrus & a bright finish.
Preparation and Usage:
The Mule Rules
(A Quick Brewing Guide)
1. Choose your weapon
Grumpy Mule coffee are suitable for use in a wide range of brewing equipment. For espresso machines, finely grind your beans for best results.

2. Load up
Use 2 heaped dessert spoonfuls (those big ones your mum only had out for special occasions) of fresh, ground coffee per cup. If you want to be a nerd about it that's 15g per 250ml of coffee.
Espresso-heads, a good extraction time for our coffee is about 27 seconds per shot. Just don't count mississipily (watch Friends, it'll make sense).
3. Fire!
Allow heated water to come off the boil (about 93-95º) before pouring. It's just enough time to tweet a pic of the pack at a jaunty angle. Serve the coffee immediately once brewed.
Using the coffee - a brief guide:
Our distinctive coffees are suitable for use in a wide range of coffee brewing equipment including filters, French press (cafetiere), percolators, AeroPress®, Chemex® and siphons.
Use 1-2 heaped dessertspoonfuls of fresh ground coffee per cup or adjust according to taste. Allow the heated water to come off the boil before pouring and serve the coffee immediately once brewed.
For espresso machines, we recommend that you finely grind your choice of Grumpy Mule coffee beans for the best results.

Experiment and enjoy.
Ingredients: Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Origin: Roasted with pride in Meltham, Yorkshire

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