Green Lentils

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What Is Green Lentils?

The lentil plant (Lens Culinaris) originates from Asia and North Africa and is one of our oldest sources of food.
There are several varieties but the most commonly used in cooking are - Brown, Red, Puy, Green and Yellow lentils. Don't be fooled the latter two can often be mistakenly named Lentils but rather are Split peas, a type of "Field Pea".
Field Peas are a variety of yellow or green peas grown specifically for drying. These "peas" are hulled and then split in half along their natural seam, which encourages faster cooking and eliminates the need to pre-soak. Split peas are high in protein and fibre, and low in fat, and they turn very creamy when cooked through.

Why Should I Get Green Lentils ?

Lentils are a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians, Just 100g contains 26g of protein, which is equivalent to 52% of your RDA. They are also high in carbohydrates and make for a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins, making it an important diet staple around the world.
In fact there is only one legume with a higher protein content than lentils and that's the soybean, so Lentils are a very important component in vegan and vegetarian diets where protein intake needs to be regulated!
What makes my previous statement better is the fact that lentils taste earthy, delicious and are supremely easy to prepare, just add to boiling water, come back in 15 - 20 mins and enjoy!
A good fall-back for the nights where cooking is less important than unwinding, and you need an easy, quick, delicious and healthy fix. In any case, regardless of your lifestyle, these Lentils bring the best of nutrition, flavour and simplicity together in one small but almighty package.
Instructions For Use: 
To Cook: Allow approximately 40g of lentils per 80g cooked serving. Wash in 3-4 changes of clean water. Soak in enough water to cover for at least 15-20 mins. Replace water with fresh water, bring to the boil for at least 10 minutes. Simmer for 30 mins, or until tender.
Storage Instructions: 
Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat and damp.


What's In My Green Lentils ?

Ingredients: Green Lentils.
Product Packed On Premesis that handles Nuts, Seed, Soya, Sesame & Gluten

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Nutritional Information
Typical Values Per 100g
Energy (kcals) 1473 Kcal
Energy (kj) 352 Kj
Protein 24.63 g
Fat 1.06 g
- Of Which Saturates 0.15 g
Carbohydrates 63.35 g
- Of Which Sugars 2.03 g
Sodium 6 mg
Fibre 10.7 g


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