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What Are Organic Hemp Seeds?

Firstly, forget everything you know or might've heard about hemp! As a dietary addition, its actually one of the best additions you could make. Hemp, which is very different from its illegal cousin, has a vast array of uses in many areas of modern life. In everything from textiles, to bio-fuel, to food production.

Hemp's secret? Its part of an exclusive club of plants that are able produce all Nine Essential Amino Acids. However, hemp is just shy of being considered a complete protein as its quantities of lysine are somewhat low (but nonetheless present). The quality of its remaining proteins however is exceptionally high. So yes, hemp is a rather amazing product in stark contrast to some of its better known relatives.

Why Should I Get Organic Hemp Seeds?

Hemp seeds are a tremendous source of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9 otherwise known as the building blocks of life. In particular Hemp seeds flaunt an especially high ratio of Omega 6 which is generally the best for you.

Their shells are hard, but also a good source of fibre. Hemp is an one of natures absolute best sources of protein, containing all of the Essential Amino Acids required in the building of complete protein...usually you can only get these through eating meat.

Instructions For Use: 

Make your own hemp milk & enjoy in hot drinks, smoothies, oats or on cereal. Sprinkle on salads for a source of protein & texture. Add to smoothies for added daily fibre. Add to baked goods such as biscuits, muffins, & bread. Use instead of sesame seeds in bread for texture & nutrition.

Storage Instructions: 

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat and damp.

Packaging Details:

Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable Packaging. Re-sealable pouch for Long Lasting Freshness!

(Some Large sizes may have non resealable packaging)

What's In My Organic Hemp Seed?
Ingredients:  Organic Hemp Seed

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame seed, cereals containing gluten & soya

Suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian diets

Country of Origin:  China

Nutritional Information
Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 420kcal/1758kJ
Protein 22 g
Fat 30 g
 - Of Which Saturates 2.8 g
Carbohydrates 30 g
 - Of Which Sugars 2.7 g
Salt 0.04 g
Fibre 28 g



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