Organic Raisins

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What Are Organic Raisins?

As we all know a raisin is a dried grape, but did you know Raisins are often recommended as a snack for weight control? They help the control of glucose, the good functioning of the digestive system and the regulation of blood pressure.

Its clear Raisins don't really get the attention they deserve, despite the fact that they are exceptionally healthy and possess some genuinely special attributes, that really set them apart from the lunchbox, fruit bar accessory they have appeared to become.

Why Should I Get Organic Raisins?

Raisins, like dried apricots, figs and prunes, are dense sources of energy, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Additionally, they are packed with several health benefiting poly phenolics anti-oxidants, dietary fibre, phytonutrients and are very high in anthocyanins, another class of polyphenolic anti-oxidants.

100 g raisins provide 3. 7 g or 10% of daily required levels of dietary fibre; Studies suggest moderate fibre in the diet help lower body weight and cholesterol levels in the blood. The fibre content will of course help relieve episodes of constipation naturally, by decreasing the gut transit time of food.

Raisins have got minerals to spare! Boasting plenty of calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, fluoride, zinc and Flavonoid compounds such astartaric acid, tannins, catechins. These all come together with inulin and fibre to further aid in ensuring smooth bowel movements through their gentle laxative function.

Instructions For Use:

Raisins are good in mueslis, cakes, fruit loaves, breads and mincemeat. They also add body and sweetness to chutneys, such as apple, tomato, or damson chutney. Use as a salad topping, mixed into oatmeal, in yogurt, in granola or cereal. Perfect for baking & making sweet snacks.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat and damp.

Packaging Details:

Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable Packaging. Re-sealable pouch for Long Lasting Freshness!

(Some Large sizes may have non resealable packaging)

What's In My Organic Raisins?
Ingredients:  Org Raisins (99.7%), Org Sunflower Oil (0.3%)

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame seed, cereals containing gluten & soya

Suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian diets.

Country of Origin: South Africa

Nutritional Information
Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 324kcal/1374kJ
Protein 3.0 g
Fat 0.5 g
 - Of Which Saturates 0.06  g
Carbohydrates 75 g
 - Of Which Sugars 59 g
Salt 0 g
Fibre 3.7  g


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