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Bees gather flower honey from meadow plants, fruit trees and other flowers. It is characterized by a fairly bright (yellow to light brown) colour and by its medium to strong flavor and very sweet taste. Flower honey may crystallize fairly quickly and it can be used in the preparation of various pastries, light meat dishes, salads and various beverages. Flower honey strengthens the blood vessels and the heart. The name Api derives from the western honey bee or European honey  bee (Apis mellifera) is a species of honey  bee. The genus name Apis is Latin for "bee", and mellifera means "honey-bearing". It has a defined social caste system and complex communication behaviors, such as intricate dance routines to indicate food availability. Slovenia is  the only European Union country that has protected its native bee, which means that  they  can not cultivate bees from other races.  Moreover, Slovenian beekeepers ensure traceability. The label is in addition to the exact origin of the honey, characterized with the full address of the beekeeper,  that produced the honey,  unlike some of the honey, which only states that  it is a  mixture of honey from countries that are EU members, and countries that are not EU members. In this case, we do not know exactly which country the  honey comes from. Our beekeeper uses an artisanal process, with love for the honey & bees. Our honey is never filtered under high pressure or by machines and our bees collect their nectar in unspoiled nature in areas where absolutely no pesticides are used. The health of our bee keepers is protected by not using aggressive substances. Produced by: Beekeeping Sauperl, PANIS, Tomaz Sauperl, s.p. Ulica Jelencevih 10, Pekre 2341 Limbus, Slovenia

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