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Some of the major concerns that people have about their hair are dryness and flaking, hair loss and breakage, and dullness and unmanageability. Cultures have sought to use botanical oils to improve hair health from ancient times. Here are some natural oils that can address your specific concerns.

Evening Primrose Oil

Through benefits to the scalp, evening primrose oil (EPO) allows you to have more lustrous hair. Hydration and nutrients crucial to scalp health relieve itching and dandruff conditions associated with dryness and inflammation. The major nutritional value evening primrose oil has for the scalp is that it supplies essential fatty acids, which have antioxidant properties and address inflammatory issues in the body to promote stronger hair strands.

Researchers suspect EPO can help you grow thicker hair by eliminating certain factors that cause it to fall out, like scratching, nutritional deficits, and damage from the sun or wind. Experts also believe that because EPO has phytoestrogens and shows promise in balancing hormones, it can decrease the hair loss that's secondary to menopause. Finally, according to Sara Gottfried MD, evening primrose oil may inhibit DHT, a major hormone implicated in female-pattern hair loss.

Camellia Flower Oil

Camellia flower oil has a delicate fragrance, but its effects on your hair can be dramatic. It contains over 80% omega-9 fatty acids, which are compatible with your skin and hair. Artego advises that camellia flower seeds from the tea plant are rich in Vitamins A, B, and E and prevents skin and hair aging and dehydration. Also chock full of plant collagens that provide omega-9 fatty acids, similar to olive oil and the natural oils in your body, camellia flower seeds hydrate your scalp without suffocating your pores and hair follicles. Moreover, oleic acid makes your hair softer and more supple and manageable.

Omega-6 fats, also present in camellia flower oil, have the added benefit of unclogging pores in your scalp and skin and decreasing the amount of natural water loss from your hair. Camellia flower oil, extolled for restoring color to graying hair and reducing hair loss from dryness, is effective in minute quantities as a topical application.

Cedarwood Oil

Sebaceous glands in your scalp are vital for delivering nourishing oils and moisture to your hair. Cedarwood botanical oil may play a major role in balancing these oil glands. Cedarwood essential oil acts as an antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and yeast, thus controlling some of the health issues that are responsible for dandruff and eczema. According to the Bulk Apothecary, by reducing inflammation, stimulating scalp circulation, and relieving itchiness, cedarwood oil can help reduce hair loss.

Cedarwood essential oils often work synergistically with other hair-promoting botanical products, like rosemary and lavender. Cedarwood essential oil can be an important component of treatment regimens for alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune complex that causes hair loss.

Botanical oils have potential as an essential part of your beauty routine to reduce hair loss and restore the lustrous thickness and glossiness of your locks. Specific botanical products, like EPO, camellia flower oil, and cedarwood oil, can help improve hydration, nutrition, and hormonal balance to your scalp, improving the appearance and health of your hair.

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