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Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes can be difficult. While answers to why you have been feeling so sick may be helpful, you also now have a new set of rules governing your life. This can be hard to navigate but doesn't have to serve as a roadblock to taking control of your health. Following is a list of four things that you can use to help  incorporate a diabetic diet into your everyday life.

Make a Meal Plan

The first step that you will want to tackle is making a meal plan to follow. This can be done on your own or with the help of a qualified health coach. In addition to your physician-guided treatment plan, a health coach can help you develop a plan and stay motivated along the way. A meal plan will help you track what you are eating and give you the chance to add some of your favorite meals throughout the week.

Avoid Drinking Your Calories

Drinks such as soda and milkshakes are something to stay away from with a diagnosis of diabetes. It is much more beneficial to gain your calories and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables as well as from healthy sources of protein and carbohydrates. Try flavoring water with colorful slices of citrus fruits and berries instead. 

Various Diet Options

There are several diet options that work for those with diabetes that may appeal to you and be easier to follow. For example, a vegetarian or vegan diet is a great option. The Mediterranean diet is also a great option that has been shown to help lower blood sugars and help clients lose weight.A smart way to ensure that you're reaching for healthy, diet-approved food is to get strategic with fridge organization. Consider meal prepping, cut veggies ahead of time, and keep fresh produce in easy-to-reach locations. 

After Eating

Your diet will have a significant impact on your dental health as well. Those with diabetes have an increased chance of getting gum disease, so in addition to controlling blood sugar levels through diet, it is important to brush and floss frequently. Visit your dentist regularly and ensure they know that you are diabetic so you can get the best care for your situation.  

Things to Watch Out For

As you adjust to your new lifestyle, make sure you are also being diligent in checking your sugars as your doctor prescribes. If you start feeling clammy and shaky, or if your level of thirst and urination increase, make sure you test your sugar and have someone drive you to the hospital if possible. These are signs of your sugar being either too high or too low and can have severe consequences.

As you can see, following a diabetic diet can be easier than you might have thought. Using these rules can help you feel better, have a healthier lifestyle, and remain in control of your treatment plan. This is all the more reason to follow these tips.




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