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It’s cold Tuesday evening in late January 2021.
Danny is at home alone.
The streets are cold. The cupboards are bare.
Image: A cold Danny sits a home alone. It looks pretty cold out there.
To risk the elements to obtain healthy food would be a chilling endeavour.
The shadow of hunger looms over Danny like a branch obscuring a street lamp, swaying in the wind.
Danny’s stomach begins to growl. The sound seems to synchronise with the wind outside the window.
Image: The spooky stomach devilishly daunting Danny.
There is but one alternative to going outside.
But Danny resolved upon the new year “I will eat healthy this year.”
As time elapses, the journey to the supermarket and time to prepare food appears ever longer.
Image: Tick Tick Tock goes the bad decision clock.
Danny’s resolve weakens.
“What’s one unhealthy meal in the grand scheme?” Danny whispers before fixing eyes upon a drawer brimming with junk-food junk-mail.
Image: Don't do it Danny!
Another broken resolution.
Another victim of the empty pantry.

This Does Not Have to be Danny's Story.

This year, 30% of “Eat Healthy” new years resolutions were given up by February.
Probable Cause? Failure to Prepare.

Danny's Healthy New Year

Danny took three simple steps to prevent unhealthy food relapse.

1. Stock Up.

Image: Nice one, Danny. You've chosen the right products.
Stocking up a pantry with healthy foods meant Danny was ready for when hunger strikes.
Fortunately, Danny had a 10% discount on healthy foods from Wholefood Earth to use throughout December 2020 & January 2021 

2. Repeat Orders Automatically.

image: Danny is genius, he's set up repeat orders!
Danny set up automatic repeat orders of the house favourites from Wholefood Earth.
Everyone said that this was a good idea as it stopped them getting stuck at home with nothing to eat. 

3. Emergency Meal Prep.

Image: Tupperware beware
Danny knew those old take-away tubberware boxes would come in handy! 
By always having an emergy meal ready-to-go, Danny could relax knowing that the last-minute munchies wouldn't be the downfall of the resolution.

Be More Like Danny

Danny's discount code had no limit on order size or the number of orders in December 2020 & January 2021.
In fact, Danny passed the discount on to friends who ordered too.
Everyone had a delicious, affordable, and healthy-ever-after. 
Merry Christmas & A Healthy New Year!
- The Wholefood Earth Hive

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