Dried hibiscus flowers - delicious infusion full of health benefits

Hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus is a small tree with beautiful, large, colourful flowers. It is not known where hibiscus is from, but it grows naturally in Africa and South Asia. There are about 300 species in the hibiscus family, but only a few of them have edible flowers. Most of them are decorative, ornamental plants you can grow in the garden in warmer climates.

The edible flowers of hibiscus have been used for centuries for decoration and medicinal purposes. You probably know hibiscus tea, right? This rose-coloured infusion is made with hibiscus tea.


What are dried hibiscus flowers used for?

The organic dried hibiscus flowers are used to make teas, powders, extracts and supplements and in cooking and baking, especially jams, relishes, dressings and salads. 


What is the flavour of hibiscus flowers?

The taste of hibiscus flowers is similar to cranberry and pomegranate.  It is sweet and slightly earthy.


What are the health benefits of hibiscus flowers? 

Hibiscus contains many beneficial compounds for health. It is rich in vitamins A, B and C. It contains flavonoids, phenolic acids, and organic acids, which act as antioxidants. 

Hibiscus can help lower blood pressure, stimulate diuretic effects, and reduce high cholesterol. It may help promote weight loss and support heart and liver health. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help fight infections by reducing the growth of bacteria and boosting your immunity system. 


How to make hibiscus tea?

Just put a couple of dried hibiscus flowers into a cup with boiling water (100°C). Infuse for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) and enjoy a delicious, relaxing drink.  



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