Himalayan salt lick - the best treat for your horse

What is Himalayan pink salt lick?

The huge blocks of salt were mined high up from the ancient Himalayan Mountains . Himalayan Rock Salt Licks are obviously distinctive in their pink colour.

What is Himalayan salt lick used for?

Himalaya salt lick is one of the purest forms of salt (sodium chloride) available. It provides the ideal way to offer your horses or cattle a natural form of salt with nothing added and nothing is taken away. Horses and ponies require supplementary salt on a daily basis. Salt is the one nutrient that horses will self-supplement to balance their diet. The Himalayan Salt Lick is best as it comes without unnatural flavours.

Why is Himalayan salt lick better than conventional salt lick?

The salt itself is exceptionally hardy, much more than the conventional white salt licks you may be used to. Himalayan Salts' respective toughness is actually an important quality as it's very weather resistant, meaning you're safe to hang them up in the field for your horses and ponies. Its hardness also really helps to stop horses and ponies from biting chunks off, a problem that occurs all too frequently when using conventional salt licks. 

How to use Himalayan salt lick?

Hang the salt lick at a right height within easy reach of your horse. It can be hanged in stables, horse boxes on in field. Remember to attach it well for safety reasons. You can use salt licks for other animals on the farm - cows like it too!  Hanging is the best way for animals to reach it and it allows easy rotation of the salt, which in turn greatly minimises the risk of uneven wear and ultimately helps to prevent premature breaking of the lick. 

Where can I buy Himalayan salt lick? 

Himalayan salt lick is available to buy online in the healthy food shops, like Whole Food Earth. You can order it here. (click on the link)



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