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How Nutritional Yeast Is Made

One of the most common questions we are asked is What is Nutritional Yeast Made Of, and how Nutritional Yeast is made. The answer is surprisingly simple. Just eight small steps from growth to your door. 

1. Budding

Grown from a non-genetically-modified strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, the nutritional yeast is created though the asexual reperduction technique of budding. The resulting clones are transferred to sterile flasks with a culture medium and incubated. The content of these flasks are transferred to stainless steel tanks to increase their biomass.

2. Cultivation 

The nutritional yeast is cultivated inside the stainless steel fermentation tanks for seven days with a control temperature, pH and “diet” of nutrients such as oxygen, water and glucose from either sugar cane or beet molasses. 

3. Harvesting

After seven days, the resulting liquid form of nutritional yeast is passed through a centrafuse to create nutritional yeast cream, washing away the culture medium and concentrating the yeast. This is stored at a low temperature to ensure the yeast is inactive.

4. Fortification 

The nutritional yeast cream is pasteurized, and fortified, typically with b12. This results in an inactive yeast with an enhanced nutritional profile.

5. Drying 

To dry the nutritional yeast it is passed through a rotary filter, and vacuum filter before being cut to size. 

6. Packaging 

We now have a bulk of Nutritional Yeast as we know it, a light flaky substance in abundance. Which is transported to our Kent-based packaging and fulfilment center where we package it up under controlled conditions into 100% recyclable packaging.

7. Storage

The Nutritional Yeast is stored in our Kent-based warehouse at room temperature awaiting you to order nutritional yeast online

8. Shipping

Boxed up and ready to go! Our team fulfil your order and get it over to you as soon as possible. 

What Happens Next?

What happens next is up to you. Nutritional Yeast recipes include soups and sauces, on popcorn or in purre, or in any meal you want to add its uniquely cheesy, nutty flare. 

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