New Website Launched! | Wholefood Earth®

Have you seen our brand new website?


It’s just launched this week, and we hope you love it as much as we do! 😄


Our team have been working hard for the last few months re designing it just for you, and it’s finally here. We would like to encourage all of our customers to enjoy and explore our new site.


As with most new things, there may be a few teething problems or glitches, so we’re asking our customers to please bear with us. Please do let us know if you do experience any issues – we’re happy to help!


The new website has been made using newer technology, so it’s much faster and user friendly. We want our customers to have the best possible experience on our website and find the products that you want, with ease. It’s now easier than ever to shop sustainably and enjoy nourishing, organic wholefoods.


Here at Wholefood Earth, we’re also open to any suggestion or feedback on what you would like to be added to the website, or anything you think would enhance your experience. So please feel free to pop us a message on our webchat, or send us an email on 

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