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Chocolate Substitutes

We know not everyone can enjoy chocolate, whether it’s due to diet, allergies or just wanting to cut down on the sweet stuff. Plus, you may be wondering, is there a healthier alternative?
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Healthy Food Swaps

Whilst exercise is of course important, what you put into your body and fuel it with is also paramount. Junk food and sugary treats may feel good in the moment, but they can contribute to a wide range of health problems later down the line. So why not try swapping some of these out for some lower calorie and more nutritionally dense alternatives, and reap the benefits?
Carob, just a chocolate alternative? | Wholefood Earth®

Carob, just a chocolate alternative?

Carob is commonly known to be a Chocolate Substitute although it rightly deserves credit of its own. The Carob plant is an evergreen tree decorated...