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Looking to get ahead of the game preparing for next weekend's BBQ? We’ve got you covered! Our team has carried out extensive research and come up with these top 3 amazing DIY Vegan Burger recipes for the ultimate vegan BBQ.

3.Cannellini Beanie Veggie Patty

Coming in at number 3 we’ve got our Cannellini Beanie Veggie Patty. A full veggie patty packs a punch with whole food goodness, protein and flavour. Perfect for all coeliacs and gluten intolerance peeps, that’s you sorted.

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2.Vegan Black Bean Burger

Number 2 is our hearty & flavourful Vegan Black Bean Burger. Cumin, paprika and red pepper flakes provide the flavour. While black beans, oats and sunflower seeds provide the texture. Entirely plant- based, can also be made gluten free, and super easy to make. We like to think fast-food not junk food.

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Number one is the best (in our opinion) homemade vegan burger patty recipe. Full of veg, flavour and loaded with protein TVP mince. This recipe is hardiest at crumble prevention in comparison to others. The added benefit of Vital Wheat Gluten Flour ensures the patties won’t fall apart on the grill. Nourishing, Easy, 'Meaty'

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You know how it goes... sun’s out, (burger) buns out. Happy BBQing!

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