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When you choose to make a major lifestyle change in a healthy direction, sticking to it can be the hardest part. How do you stay motivated after the first few days when temptation calls and your original passion starts to fade? Try these tricks to stay on track.

Give Yourself No Choice

One way to make it very difficult to eat food you shouldn't is to make it unavailable. Don't bring junk food into your home. Instead, have healthy foods on hand. Pack your own lunch every day so you won't be tempted to buy a meal that doesn't meet your health guidelines. When you go out with friends, don't bring easy cash or a card to swipe so you won't grab a meal while out on the town. Meal planning and prep is also a time saver that gives you no excuses. Food is already waiting, so you have to make a very conscious decision to eat something you shouldn't. New habits are hard to form, but removing options makes it easier to stay the course since it also makes it more difficult to cheat.

Involve Others

Going solo when trying to live a healthy lifestyle is difficult. If no one else around you has the same goals, you can find yourself fighting temptation at every turn. Instead of trying to exist inside a healthy lifestyle bubble, involve others for both accountability and encouragement. Other people in your life likely want to make healthy changes, so let them know your goals and encourage them to set their own. Set up accountability check-ins, and plan meal prep times so you can help each other. You could do a wellness challenge with people at work to get the entire office in shape. Cooking for yourself and bringing it into work doesn't feel so strange when everyone else in the office is doing it as well.

Track Progress in Writing

Visualizing a goal is good, but writing it down and then tracking progress is best. There is a saying about how we only manage what we monitor, and if you monitor your progress in writing, you can keep your motivation at the forefront of your mind. Tracking progress and reading over previous entries also helps you see when you're most tempted to make unhealthy choices. This will allow you to prepare for situations where you're tempted or find a way to avoid them.


Small steps make a difference when it comes to making long-term lifestyle changes. These tips can help you stay motivated and healthy. If you need to clean out your kitchen and replace it with better food for your new healthy lifestyle, check out our selection of great items that you can put in your kitchen cupboard.

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