Bombay Mix - A healthy snack not only for parties

What is Bombay mix? 

Bombay Mix is a classic Indian snack. If you're looking for a healthy snack on-the-go or want to add some spice to your day, the super tasty Bombay mix will help you through it.

I will also make a perfect snack to share at parties or to enjoy with beer. It is what almost everyone loves: spicy and crunchy. Just be aware: it's very moreish! 


What is Bombay Mix made with? 


The Bombay Mix ingredients can be different, but a typical Bombay mix is usually a selection of fried noodles, legumes and nuts.

A traditional Bombay Mix includes fried chickpea flour noodles, roasted or fried chickpeas, dried peas, fried lentils, fried crispy onion, puffed rice and nuts.


What spices are used in Bombay Mix?


Bombay mix is seasoned with salt and spice blend, often made from turmeric, ground cumin, ground coriander and chilli powder.


Is Bombay mix healthy?

Bombay Mix is made with legumes and legumes which are rich in protein, zinc, iron and magnesium, so it makes it a healthier snack option compared to ultra-processed snacks or sweets. However, Bombay Mix is high-fat and salt so it should be eaten in moderation. 
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