Buying in bulk saves money & time

Buying whole foods in bulk has many great benefits for you, your wallet and the planet.

No fancy boxes, branding elements, no excessive packaging that companies charge extra for - you simply get and pay for the product you need. Bulk buying is not only a more economic option for restaurants and cafe. 

Bulk buying can save you a lot of money, time

When you buy in bulk, it is always cheaper per unit. So you're always saving money on each use of that product. Even if it might be a slight difference per portion, if you cook with this product often, your savings increase significantly. Besides, dried beans are always cheaper than canned beans so buying whole foods will save you some extra money. 

If you save one or two pounds per your weekly shopping, that's more or less 50-100 pounds in savings per year. And if you save on something you use daily, the overall savings are even higher. 

Buying in bulk means fewer emergency visits to the shop. You will have all your supplies right in the kitchen pantry. Fewer visits to the store also mean less money spent on impulse buys (even more savings!) and less money spent on fuel. 

When you buy dry whole foods in bulk, these savings will be even higher due to no food waste as dry foods have long shelf life. 

Buying in bulk means less stress

Keeping your pantry stock up with the products you use a lot makes it easier for you to cook meals at home for yourself and your family. That means you will never run out of your main cooking ingredients. And you are always prepared for an emergency situation and unplanned guests! 

Bulk buying is better for the planet

Buying bulk goods means less packaging waste. When you buy larger quantities, a lot less packaging is used for a single purchase. 

The products are delivered in one big container instead of many individual small containers. This significantly reduces single plastic use. That means less plastic wrap used, fewer bags, less filling and fewer boxes.

Large bulk products require less transportation because there are fewer components that must be manufactured and delivered before the order. The delivery of bulk products is also more efficient because they can be packed more densely in cars.

Bulk buying means fewer trees cut from our forests, less contaminated water and less wasted energy and less CO2 emissions. 


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