Fermented foods have great impact on your gut - New study

Fermented foods are becoming more popular in recent years. Whether you buy plant-based fermented foods in an online health food shop or make them at home, you probably already know they are a great addition to a healthy diet. More and more scientific research proves they positively affect our digestive health.

In the latest study from the University of Minnesota, the researchers analysed the effects of lacto-fermented vegetables, such as kimchi or sauerkraut, on bacteria that make up the gut microbiome.

The study results were published this summer in the journal Gut Microbiome.
The researchers collected faecal samples from 23 people who frequently consumed at least one serving of plant-based fermented foods such as kimchi or sauerkraut five times a week for two years. Then, they analysed the microbiomes of the participants and compared them to those of 24 people who never or seldom ate lacto-fermented vegetables or other fermented foods in the last two years.


Before the experiment, the researchers conducted a detailed dietary examination of the participants. They found that both consumers of lacto-fermented foods and non-consumers started similarly regarding overall diet quality. 


According to the Healthy Eating Index (a measure of nutritional health), both groups were close to the American average score for adults, which is 58 out of 100. Participants who consumed lacto-fermented veggies were higher at 59 out of 100, and those who didn't consume fermented veggies had a score of 55 out of 100. 


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