Plant-Based BBQ Ideas

Summer’s here and BBQ season is well and truly underway. The lighter and warmer evenings are the ideal time for getting those barbies out, and cooking up a storm!


If you’re plant based or vegan, you may wonder if you can still enjoy a BBQ, and the answer is – yes, of course you can! Even though BBQs traditionally and predominantly focus on meat, we’ve got you covered with a whole range of plant-based alternatives and recipes.



Suns out, buns out! If you don’t eat animal products or are just wanting a healthier option, then why not try out our burger alternatives. Beans make a great substitute for meat as they’re still high in protein and have a meaty, earthy flavour. Try our Cannellini Beanie Veggie Patty or Vegan Black Bean Burger.


If you want something a bit more like the real thing, then why not have a go at our TVP-atty (Textured Vegetable Protein Patties) which are made with soya. Soya is also packed with protein, as well as containing lower calories and less fat than meat.

Side Dishes


Just like Batman needs Robin, every main dish needs a good sidekick, and BBQs are no exception.


Everyone loves a good fry, but If you’re wanting a healthier alternatives to potato fries, or a slightly different take, then check out our Crispy Carrot Fries. Perfectly seasoned, sweet, and crunchy, they’re sure to be a hit!


Another great way to pack in some nutritious veggies is with our Veg & Tahini Tray Bake recipe. Not only is it healthy, but its tasty too and accompanies most dishes well.



Salads don’t have to be basic or boring. And a BBQ isn’t complete without the quintessential and traditional salad and side dish – Spud-tacular Potato Salad. Not only is it a healthier, guilt free option, we’ve also made sure its vegan and gluten free, just for you.


Another great and tasty salad option is our Summer Couscous Salad. Full of nourishing veggies and low in calories, It’s basically sunshine in a bowl!



What’s a good BBQ or summer party without some delicious dips and sauces for some added flavour! We personally love a good Homemade Houmous. It’s extremely versatile, and can be used as a spread, sauce, or dip for all your BBQ foods.


If you’re a cheese fan they why not give our Easy Cheesy Vegan Sauce a try. It’s perfect for putting on burgers and hotdogs or as a dipping sauce for fries, crisps, and veggies.



If you need something to wash down all the delicious BBQ food down with, then look no further!


Nothing says summer more than a zesty and refreshing glass of Sour Power Lemonade. A family favourite that will delight and impress all your guests – trust us, it’s simply the zest!


Or if a mocktail more takes your fancy, then take your pick of our delicious mocktail recipes Rye Rye Miss American Pie or Strawberry Spritz Forever all the flavour, without the alcohol, or the hangover 😉





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