How To Cook Rice At Home

Have you tried to cook rice and failed? Is your cooked rice too soft or too hard and stuck to the bottom of the pot? Do you think cooking rice is a nightmare?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, this article it for you! 

Indeed, rice may be one of those problematic ingredients in the kitchen and you may think it's hard to cook it correctly. But once you learn a few tips, you will realise it's actually very easy. And pleasant - as in a maximum of twenty minutes, you will be able to enjoy beautifully cooked rice and half of your lunch or dinner ready.    

Tip 1 - Rinse the rice

Just place the rice under the tap and wash it with cold water. 

Rinsing the rice will help you get rid of the starch. Starch is that dusty thing that makes rice too sticky, and we definitely don't want it here. 

Tip 2 - Use a good pot 

The best pots to cook rice are those made with stainless steel and aluminium. They allow the heat to be distributed evenly. Use a medium size pot with a lid. 

Tip 3. Magic ratio 1:2

You should always check the packaging of the rice for cooking instructions. But remember the ratio of 1:2. This means we need one part of rice and two parts of water (never the opposite).

For Basmati rice, for example, you can use a bit less water. 

Tip 4 - Add salt and rice to boiling water

Bring the water to boiling and add some salt depending on the amount of rice you're cooking. When you add rice, the water temperature will decrease quickly and will stop boiling. 

Tip 5- Keep the lid on 

Always keep the lid on your rice pot. Cook the rice on low heat and let it simmer. You don't want the water to cook faster than the rice gets soft. You want the steam to stay inside the pot.

Tip 6 - You can add spices 

Now, it's a good moment to add spices. You can use whatever spices you like. You can cook rice with cardamon seeds or bay leaves for a unique flavour. You can also add a spoon of plant-based butter or olive oil (if you prefer). 

Tip 7 - Cooking time: 18 minutes for white rice & 30 minutes for brown rice

White rice only needs 18 minutes to get tender, while brown rice needs 30 minutes to cook. Set a timer to know more or less when the rice is ready. Sometimes, it may need another 1 or 2 minutes to be cooked to perfection. There shouldn't be any water left in the pot, but if there is a lit bit left, it's not a biggie - just drain it out. Check the rice - if it is tender, then it's ready. 

Tip 8 - Put it aside for a few minutes

Before serving, rice needs some time to cool down. Just take the pot from the stove and leave it alone for a few minutes. You can remove the lid while waiting and enjoy the view of your beautifully cooked rice :) 



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