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The importance of breakfast is well-known, but not everyone has an appetite when the alarm clock goes off. However, it's good to put something into your body, and certain beverages can really help with alertness. These are some of the top drinks for starting your mornings off right.


Nothing says "morning" like the smell of coffee. Not only is it full of caffeine, but it's also a very sophisticated beverage if done right. Instead of wasting money on substandard coffee from gas stations or fast food places, invest in good beans and quality equipment. According to Biarte, coffee beans that are washed during the process tend to be of higher quality. Whether you like the stronger taste of black coffee or prefer to add soy milk or sugar, coffee can be a bean-brewed delight of every morning.

Yerba Mate

If you don't care for coffee but still want a jolt in the morning, never forget that tea can be a great source of caffeine. According to Taragui, Yerba Mate, a South American herbal tea, offers several health benefits and has been gaining traction as an alternative to coffee. Stimulating, full of antioxidants, and with a distinct taste, Yerba Mate can take some getting used to, but adapting to the taste is part of the pleasure of drinking it. There are different ways to brew Yerba Mate, such as with tea bags and using tea leaves.

Matcha Tea

Another great tea to drink in the morning is matcha. A type of green tea, matcha also contains many antioxidants as well as caffeine. Its aroma and pleasing taste can help you to feel awake but also at ease when your day commences. If you have a weakness for soy or almond milk, you might add some to make your own matcha latte.


Hydrant says that your sluggishness in the morning may be amplified by a lack of hydration. Even if you drank water the previous evening, the time spent sleeping can dehydrate you. That’s why a cold glass of water can really get you going. To ensure it's nice and cold, you might have a water filtration system that you keep in your refrigerator. Pour a glass and see how well it wakes you up.

Not all of these drinks appeal to everyone's taste buds, but you should be able to find at least one that suits yours and helps you get up. It can also be very nice to have the ritual of preparing and sipping your drink of choice. Starting your day on the right foot could begin with bringing a beverage to your lips.

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