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Nutritional yeast (nooch) has been widely referenced to have a nutty or cheesy taste. Comparable to the taste of parmesan.

Nooch is made by harvesting and processing yeast cultures feeding on the sucrose in sugar beets and sugar cane. As these yeast cultures are fed differently to their brewing counterparts the end product is not a sour or bitter taste. On the other hand, nutritional yeast seasoning and nooch taste the same, as there is no real difference between the two. 

This is what makes nooch such a great alternative to traditional seasoning. It can add a delectable umami flavour to a variety of dishes. Providing depth of flavour to pastas, potatoes, soups, even popcorn! It allows for quite a bit of gusto to be added, without the need for sugar, salt or fat. Nooch is a great way of implementing more nourishment into your diet as it’s flexible enough to be added to either savoury or sweet dishes.  

However, it is worth mentioning that a ‘cheesy’ taste does not directly equate to the exact taste of cheese. This is due to noochs’ low sodium levels whereas, when compared, cheese is found to have high levels of salt. 

If you’re still unsure about the taste of nooch and whether or not it is for you, we suggest our simple but delicious nooch popcorn recipe.  


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