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6. Gluten-free Potato and Beetroot Gnocchi with Sage and Hazelnut Butter

Coming in at number six is an amazing gluten-free option, Potato and Beetroot Gnocchi with Sage and Hazelnut Butter. For all of our coeliacs and peeps with a gluten intolerance, we’ve got you covered. The perfect choice for a hands on cooking date night. Deliciously Aromatic and fresh.  

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5. Tempeh Bolognese

At number five is an appetizing recipe for a Tempeh Bolognese! An all time favourite and crowd pleaser. Really simple to make, delicious every time. Nearly effortless, always reliable, always delicious. 

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4. Aubergine & Tomato Pasta

At number four is a delicious Aubergine & Tomato Pasta. Comprising a variety of tomato products, this recipe is sure to be deliciously rich in taste. Chopped tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, tomato puree and roasted aubergine are sure to deliver a depth of that umami flavour, straight to your taste buds. 

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3. Garlic Zucchini & Tomato Pasta

Number three is a Garlic Zucchini & Tomato Pasta flavourful and mellow. This recipe adds in a special twist to the angled cylinder shaped penne pasta required by this recipe. As it calls for spiralized zucchini. Tubular!

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2. Super Easy Vegan Carbonara

Coming in hot at number two a Super Easy Vegan Carbonara. Makes an incredibly creamy, tasty sauce that coats the pasta in smoky, chewy delightfulness. A meat free take on the classic age old recipe. Uncomplicated, easy and probably already sitting i your pantry waiting to be made! 

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1. Vegan Mac and “Cheese” (Nutritional Yeast)

Number one is a Vegan Mac and “Cheese” (Nutritional Yeast), obviously.This recipe sets a perfect precedent for what nutritional yeast is best at. Providing that familiar cheesy nuttyness typical of a classic mac and cheese. Some would go as far to say this is even better! Any takers?

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