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Every year, the food industry discovers new fads, new diets, and new ways of delivering them to your table – and 2021 will be no exception.

As consumers navigate the feelings of stress and anxiety that 2020 has brought, a new holistic approach to foods is set to emerge. And, as ever, sustainability continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Exciting stuff, but what else is looking to be a new trend?


Learning to Cook

2020 has been a year characterised by COVID-19 lockdowns and continuous advice to remain indoors. During this time, many people have taken the time to reignite their passion for cooking and baking. From banana bread to delicious homemade meals, nothing’s been off-limits, allowing new-found cooks to improve their skills and try out new recipes.

This trend is set to carry through until 2021. And once the new cooking talent gets out there, we’ll all be looking to keep up with the Jones’ at dinner parties!

Meal Prepping - The Return of the Packed Lunch

Supposing a vaccination is found and distributed at a fast rate, 2021 will see a mass return to the office. But has the world seen the light and, subsequently, the back of the three-pound meal deal? After all, for many of us, it’s been nine months since we last perused the fridge aisle of our local Tesco Metro.

It’s not only more economical to meal-prep and create a meal plan by batch cooking, but it provides a greater diversity of choice – as well as better tasting, healthy meals that don’t give you that post 3 pm slump. An extension to the weekly shopping list, but a worthy one.

Al Fresco Restaurant Dining Experiences

A blend of post-COVID paranoia and scorching weather until 2022 will lead to diners flocking outside to eat. Outdoor restaurants and cafes have always been popular, particularly in summer. But with foodies still likely to be cautious about the virus, al fresco dining is set to boom – especially as the hospitality industry looks to repair and rebuild after the disruption of 2020.

The Sit-Down Meal

2021 will see a return to traditional family values as the classic sit-down meal makes a comeback. Socialising with loved ones will be more important than ever as we make the most of being able to see friends and family once again.

And post-coronavirus, we might actually have something to say to each other. Having already completed Netflix, this is the sit-down family meal’s time to shine.



CBD regulation decreases as it rises in popularity. However, this chemical compound isn’t done just yet – the peer-to-peer referral and face-to-face virality of CBD are yet to see the light of day. This horse is ready to bolt into its second wave of mass adoption.

Dairy Alternatives

As veganism continues to make its mark, plant-based dairy alternatives will boom in 2021, moving the national diet away from dairy products such as cows milk. This includes favourites such as soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk, as well as more niche choices such as pea milk... no, really. Not only is pea milk the latest cool and trendy addition to the endless list of dairy milk alternatives, but it’s nutritious and delicious. The dairy alternatives are no longer the reserve of those with lactose intolerance, but for everyone, You better believe it!

Nutritional yeast is also one to watch. It’s a deactivated yeast that’s commonly used in bread making and baking. It also makes a handy replacement for cheese and is popularly used to make vegan mac and cheese – a dairy-free staple (and a firm favourite of ours).

Diatomaceous Earth

The wildcard of our list, diatomaceous earth is set to take the crown from Apple Cider Vinegar as the new “ingredient with the most seemingly endless list of uses.”

Seriously, there’s nothing this naturally occurring sand can’t do. It kills fleas and pests and helps to ease a range of medical ailments. It’s not on everyone’s radar just yet – but watch this space, as 2021 is this natural ingredient’s year.

Chia Seeds

According to trendy middle-class mothers with Instagram colour pallets and surprisingly high-definition food photo feasts, you are nobody these days if you aren’t flinging around chia seeds like confetti.

With no added sugar but tonnes of fibre, protein, Omega-3 and six fatty acids, chia seeds are delicious in smoothies and perfect for pouring onto porridge. What’s not to love?

Diet Focus

Digestive Wellness - Gut Health

Picking up right where it left off in late 2019, gut health consciousness is ready for a resurge. Consumers desire to feel good about the foods they eat, and anything that reduces gas or bloating and eases gastrointestinal symptoms are set to be in high demand as we try to combat the effects of over-indulging during the lockdown.

Trending products include “free-from” foods, probiotics, prebiotics, and fibres – all of which are wholesome and healthy.


Eco-friendly Packaging

Did you know that every single piece of plastic that’s ever been made still exists today? It’s a scary fact, but one that’s frighteningly real. We don’t need all this plastic. It’s killing our planet and doing untold damage to our oceans and marine life.

Here at Wholefood Earth, all of our products are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging. It’s also biodegradable and compostable, making it better for the environment, better for us, and better for you.

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