Healthier Easter treats for kids - tips for parents

Every year before the Easter holiday, supermarkets are flooded with hard-to-resist colourful sweets and chocolate treats. I know, I know they are really hard to resist, and little indulgence at times won't hurt anyone. But by giving Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs to kids, we're just filling them with many empty calories. 

We all know that too much sugar is terrible for health. It causes inflammation in the body and spikes of sugar levels in the blood, which makes them have energy crashes. Overeating chocolate and sweets leads even when occasionally leads to weight gain and increased risk of chronic health issues like diabetes. 

Besides, kids with access to so many sweets will more likely refuse their regular meals.  

Every year, we face the same dilemma - how to make kids enjoy Easter without all these sweets? 

It is parents' responsibility to show kids what it means to have a healthy relationship with food. It is important to teach them about healthy food and the consequences of eating junk food and sweets, so they love and enjoy real food, and in the future, they will be able to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

Show your kids they can enjoy celebrations and special occasions without ultra-processed, unhealthy foods. 

The best way is to replace some or all of those unhealthy, highly processed Easter sweets with much healthier options. Instead of chocolate-filled eggs and bunnies, buy some fruits and healthy snacks and explain to the kids why they are better for them. Never let them skip meals, and make sure they drink plenty of water. 

There are many tasty sweets alternatives you can find in the healthy food online shops and make yourself at home.

Here are some tips for parents:


1. Fruits - choose those ripe and delicious. They are sweet and ready to eat, packed with lots of vitamins. Kids' favourite fruits: bananas, apples, berries. 


2. If your kid loves chocolate - teach them to enjoy dark chocolate, which usually contains less sugar and is rich with antioxidants. 


3. Homemade vegan cake using healthier whole food ingredients, less sugar, dairy-free and egg-free - but the same way delicious. Kids will love a chocolate brownie made with dark chocolate and cocoa nibs, carrot cake, or banana bread. 


4. Homemade vegan biscuits using whole food ingredients. Use Easter moulds to give them the shape of bunnies and chickens. 


5. Dried fruits and nuts - make healthy homemade snacks with dried fruits, nuts and peanut butter. You can also wrap them on colourful paper. 

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