Christmas hamper for a foodie - best ideas

Food lovers aka foodies are those people who simply love to eat. They often love to cook and bake as well. But be aware, they won't eat anything.  Foodies often focus on the best quality foods and the best cooking ingredients. So when you want to offer them a gift, let it be the best foods you can find. Foodies will appreciate a Christmas hamper filled with organic produce, vegetables and fruits, whole foods, organic nuts, fermented foods, quality condiments and pickles, organic olive oil and premium herbs and spices. What to add to a foodie Christmas hamper? Here's the list of products you can be assure, a food lover will love! 

Rare whole foods & grains

Wild rice, freekeh, kasha

Wholegrain pasta & noodles

wholegrain pasta in different shapes, Italian pasta, Japanese noodles

Organic oils & quality vinegars

Organic olive oil is always great gift option for a foodie. The best organic olive oil available on the market are Greek olive oil and Portuguese olive oil.

There are also some speciality rare oils such as pumpkin seed oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, sesame seed oil and peanut oil as well as a good quality Balsamic vinegar will make a perfect addition to a foodie hamper.

Organic nuts

Organic almonds, macadamia, pistachios, chestnuts, whole walnuts

Organic dried fruits

Medjoul dates, dried Mediterranean figs, dried apricots, organic prunes, sultanas

Premium herbs and spices 

Organic herbs: organic oregano, organic Basil, organic rosemary, organic bay leaves, organic thyme, organic sage

Organic spices: Ceylon cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, organic black pepper, star anise, cardamon, organic chilli, chilli flakes, 

Harissa paste, varieties of miso, green, red and yellow curry paste, tandoori


Pink Himalayan salt, Kala Namal - black salt, Sea salt, Flor de Sal

Pickles and fermented foods

Kimchi is many flavours, sauerkraut in different versions, beetroot pickles, cucumber pickles, kombucha

Organic tea & coffee

Matcha powder, organic roasted coffee beans, 100% Arabica coffee beans, organic green tea, organic Earl Grey, fruit infusions, hibiscus flour




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