The Happier Meal is showcasing the benefits of organic food

Did you know you can make your meal happier, by using organic food

The 'Happier Meal’ is a showcase of the nutritional benefits of organic food. The meal, launched by the The Soil Association explores the science of gut health and the health benefits of shifting to organic whole food ingredients. It aims to inspire people to consider changing an product in every meal to organic.

Organic produce have better nutritional profile

Multiple studies have proved that due to the production methods the nutritional profile of organic food is different than the conventional non-organic food. 

Organic vegetables are higher in antioxidants such as polyphenols because they are not sprayed with fertilisers and pesticides. So they can help boost your immunity in a more effective way. 

The Happier Meal was created in collaboration with nutritionists, farmers and cooking experts. This includes celebrity eco-chef Tom Hunt, award-winning nutritionist Michaella Mazzoni and organic farmer Ben Andrews.

The guide for Happier Meal is available online and includes both the beef and the vegan burger recipe. If you want to create your own Happier Meal at home just follow the recipe using all the organic ingredients. 

The happier versions of the burgers can feature fermented foods, like kimchi and be enjoyed paired with fermented drinks like kombucha, which support a healthy gut. 

Nutritionist Michaella Mazzoni said: "Choosing organic isn't just about what's on your plate; it's about overall wellbeing. There are holistic benefits of choosing organic that extend beyond the plate and simply swapping one or two elements of a dish to organic can make a world of difference.”

Fermented foods have been known for centuries

Kombucha which is a fermented tea, has been consumed in Asia for thousands of years. It is brewed from green tea or black tea which are full of antioxidants. When fermented it becomes a fizzy soft drink that is naturally high in healthy probiotics and live cultures bacteria that support the gut health and helps digestion. If you make kombucha from organic tea, it will have 69% more antioxidants, and it is free from pesticides or fertilisers which are harmful for health. 

Michaela Mazzoni said: "Kombucha is not only delicious, but it is also low in sugar and brimming with probiotics and antioxidants. It contributes to overall wellbeing so we're loving it for its natural goodness!"



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