Nearly half of Brits are making healthier food choices in 2024

In 2024, Brits are eating significantly healthier than in previous year. The change in food habits has been driven in particular by younger generations as food inflation eases. The new polling called Q1 2024 Grocery Eye Report was commissioned by a market research consultancy Savanta.


The report tracks consumer behaviour every quarter of the year. This year it shows that one third (32%) of UK consumers are ‘feeling healthier’ than in 2023. A number had significantly increased (7%) compared to results from the same period of 2023.


UK consumers are eating more healthy products (49%), including unprocessed whole foods. More people  (37%) are also cooking from scratch at home more and exercising more (30%).

There is an increased consumer interest in superfoods like and products focused on gut health like fermented foods (40%) such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and healthy products high in protein (25%), also plant-based protein like beans, legumes, tempeh and tofu.

Also more consumers are saying they eat a plant-based diet (+4%) compared to the same time last year. The number went from 8% to 12%, with the largest increases in the youngest generation (under 35 years old). 


However, a great number of the UK consumers are still struggling with the budget.  Four in ten (42%) said that the cost of healthy food has forced them to be less healthy. And 39% of consumers say they are sacrificing healthy food to afford other essentials.


Julie Vigne, senior director at Savanta, commented: “The UK is starting to feel healthy again, after several years of food shopping being driven by the cost of living crisis. Our research implies people are starting to prioritise their health again, with more consumers buying healthier products and taking the time to cook more from scratch.”

“Interestingly, our Grocery Eye reports suggests younger people continue to drive increases in plant-based diets, a trend which is showing no signs of slowing down. But it’s not all positive, which a big chunk of the public wanting to eat healthier, but unable to.”


Savanta started the Grocery Eye reports back in 2014. The report takes place once every quarter, polling 500 UK nationally representative shoppers based on age, geographical location and affluence to help companies understand consumer resilience to economic downturns.

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