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Mid-January can make us feel all a bit lost, but it’s time to get back to routine!
Now the festive period is done and dusted, it’s time to get back into the flow of things.
Which might mean focusing on healthy eating, keeping active, reducing alcohol intake, embarking on your New Year’s Resolutions!

All this in mind, we thought we would recommend our January Detox Range!

Clipper Teas – Detox/Nettle/Dandelion
These Herbal Teas can be great for Bloating, Indigestion, Water Retention, Soothing for your tummy after an indulgent Christmas. 3 cups a day in between meals.

Together Vitamin D
–This Sunshine Vitamin is harder to come by at this time of year, so supplementing in the wintery months is vital. Vitamin D is amazing for your energy levels, bone health, low mood, teeth, hair, skin and nails. Overall Vitality and certainly puts a spring into your step! This product is Vegan Friendly too!
(Please consult with your GP/Health Care Professional if unsure or on any Medication)

Willy’s Kombucha
Kombucha is fabulous for your digestion. The Apple Cider Vinegar version is a power packed Detox Drink, rich in natural probiotics. Customers say they feel energised and invigorated with improved digestion. Also great for Colds, Sore Throats, Hair Skin and Nails, Tummy Upset and so much more!
The Apple Cider Vinegar Edition comes in three flavours: Apple, Blackcurrant and Raspberry and Introducing Willy’s Ginger Beer – Alcohol Free! Ginger is great for Nausea, Sickness, Stomach Discomfort and Indigestion. (Please consult with your GP/Health Care Professional if unsure or suffer with any Medical Conditions)|

Donat Water
Donat is back in stock! High in demand, this Magnesium Water is magical. Not only great for Indigestion, Heart Burn, Constipation you name it! It is also great for those suffering with Muscle Cramps, Restless Leg Syndrome, Stiffness, Muscle Spasms, Aches and Pains, Low Mood & Stress, Energy levels and may even help you sleep! Magnesium is an adaptogen and adapts to what your body needs. Drink daily for optimum efficiency.

Wholefood Earth Soya Mince/Chunks
A lot of us look to reduce processed and rich foods in the New Year. By swapping meat for plant-based meat alternatives, you will be reducing your fat and cholesterol intake and increasing protein and fibre. Two nutrients vital for helping you feel full, energised, for muscle recovery and overall health. Why not try our Soya Mince in your Bolognese, Cottage Pies, Chilli etc and the Chunks in Stir Fries, Casseroles, Curries, Salads and more!
Simply rehydrate in boiled water for 15 mins to an hour depending on the texture you like and mix into your cooking! Super healthy, Versatile, Low Fat, High Protein…Yay!

Pop into our Ramsgate store to see the full range or shop online!


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