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Wondering what to eat to extend your lifespan and healthspan?

For many years, scientists have been trying to understand what makes certain people live longer. The latest study was published in the journal CellTrusted Source. The team of scientists reviewed hundreds of studies to determine what foods are essential for human health and longevity. 

What is a healthy diet? 

The researchers found that diets with low meat and dairy and high in complex carbohydrates are the most beneficial for human health and long life. Growing evidence suggests that animal protein is not healthy for humans and therefore should be avoided and replaced by plant-based protein from legumes. A healthy diet should also include short periods of fasting. Also, in order to be the most beneficial, it should be tailored to everyone individually regarding their sex, age, and genetics.

The researchers analysed hundreds of studies on nutrition, ageing, caloric restriction, nutrient response pathways, fasting and investigated different lifestyles and diets of centenarians. 

They found that diets including mid-to-high levels of unrefined carbohydrates, a low but sufficient plant-based protein intake, and fish consumption were linked to good health and longevity. 

What is the perfect diet for a long life?

The researchers concluded that the longevity diet is mainly a plant-based (vegetarian and vegan) diet rich in vegetables, carbs, whole foods, and a pescatarian diet.

Here’s what the long lifespan diet should include:
  • vegetables, legumes, whole grains, vegetarian food or fish diet
  • 30% of calories should be sourced from vegetable fats such as nuts and olive oil
  • no red and processed meat
  •  low but sufficient plant-based protein intake until age 65 (and later then moderate)
  • low sugar and refined carbs
  • low white meat intake
  • fasting (eating for 12 hours and 12 hours of fasting)
  • Around three cycles of a five-day fasting-mimicking diet per year

Healthy diet is a tailored diet 

Additionally, the researchers concluded that diet should be adapted to people’s individual needs, sex, age, food allergies (intolerance to gluten etc.) and body mass index (BMI) instead of being based on the number of calories.
The diet should also be tailored to people with different health problems such as diabetes (controlling the carbs intake), obesity (maintaining proper weight) etc.
The researchers discovered that fasting between the ages 18 and 70 is also beneficial for health. It can help reverse insulin resistance, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and help fight inflammation. 
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